Only when we wake up do we realize something was actually strange

New Reel created and just in time for SIGGRAPH...right on the front page or view it here
I'll post individual scenes in the final scenes section when I get home

Just started FX work last week on the paid contract I have. Once the work is officially published I'll be able to put it on my reel! For now, all I can tell you is I'm doing hair, cloth, smoke, and fluids...

The new site is up! And with that, I have a new scene! This will serve as the beginning to my new reel. Check it out in the final scenes section!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been taking some time learning a little houdini. Just finished up a course at CG Talk and am in the process of producing my first actual sim. It will be basic, just a piller being shot up by a rifle and then collapsing! Also, my site is due to be updated soon. I'm finalizing things with the web developer and then it will be up. It will be renamed to! Until next time!

Finally! A new reel is out and just in time for SIGGRAPH. Demo Reel section has been updated. Hope you enjoy watching it as I did making it, I feel really accomplished with this piece.

2 more scenes up in the VFX section. Also, SIGGRAPH is right around the corner, I fly out to LA 7:30am saturday morning. I will have another scene up today and also will have a new reel up tomorrow at the very latest.

More stuff up in the VFX section..soon will be coming out before I head to Siggraph next month

New sim up! Melting candle in the VFX section

New sim up... shattering glass of milk in the VFX section...

Lack of updates again! What has been happening? Well, sort of slacking but sort of working on other stuff too. New video in the VFX section, Mecha Girl! Well, its kind of an old animation I did but I didn't know too much then, now I'm using the same expressions I used for FX wars to generate the FX for this shot...enjoy it! Next update will have the exploding glass of milk!